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The Transgender CrucibleCeCe’s story is on an upcoming edition of Rolling Stone magazine! Proceed with caution, I don’t think I could finish tagging all the trigger warnings even if I tried.




These posters are in the stalls of the bathrooms at my university (at least in the ladies, I haven’t asked anyone if they’re in the gents too. I hope so though). Thank you National Union of Students for doing it right. If only they put these posters up in all public bathrooms

Still the best thing in my life.

This though.

general psa: it is totally ok to experiment with your identities



  • there is nothing wrong with going through phases while you try and figure out who you are
  • there is nothing wrong with being confused about who you are. at any point in your life
  • there is nothing wrong with saying you were x identity a year ago and today saying you are something else.

    it does not mean you lied

    it does not mean you were doing it to be trendy

    it means you changed

thats what people do over time: they change

and that’s ok

i’m happy i saw this

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Young and Gay: Jamaica’s Gully Queens (Full Length)

In Jamaica, attacks, murder, and rape are common occurrences against LGBTI people, with little to no retribution or justice brought against those responsible.

After being forced from shacks, derelict buildings, and their own families, many homeless LGBTI Jamaicans have found refuge in the storm drainage systems of Kingston — known locally as the gully. For trans girls and gay men unable or unwilling to hide their sexuality, the sense of community and relative safety the gully provides acts as a welcome sanctuary, and for many, a hope of change to come.

VICE News travelled to the New Kingston area to see what LGBTI life is like in Jamaica — where just being who you are can mean living a life underground. 

nonnobissolum asked: this blog is weird and fetishizing

Sorry you feel that way about transbodies. 


♡ i wake up wishing his hands were on me, teasing me and touching me ♡

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